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is a professionally managed company registered in Toronto,Canada. We have been a legal immigration consulting firm for over a decade. At GIB, we have years of experience and knowledge in turning your dreams into reality. Canada is a diverse, peaceful and prosperous country welcoming tens of thousands of immigrants and students each year. We believe immigration enriches the Canadian society. Our job is to help you achieve your goals. We have made it a policy at our firm to provide the highest level of service and we pride ourselves in giving our clients transparent, legal and technical advice on the best ways to settle in Canada. Our company also offers unique services to those interested in studying in the UK, or the United States. Schedule an appointment to learn more about services.


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We believe our commitment to your needs will help make your immigration dreams a reality. It is our mission to ensure your success.

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What our clients say about us

They helped me every step of the way. Incredibly personal and honest services. With their assistance, I managed to achieve my goals. I am quite happy with the services and the results. I know I can go back to this agency to help me again. They always responded to my questions promptly

Basir P (Tehran, Iran)

They were very honest from the get go. They helped me with my initial admission process and study permit. Without their assistance, I would have remained confused about the complex process of studying in Canada. I am glad I chose this team to help me.

Samaneh R: (Toronto, Canada)

Very helpful advice and clear explanations. The university in Toronto, Canada followed up with me the moment I filled the application. It was all quick.

Juan Jose (Medellin, Colombia)

The application process was done quickly. The university called me to inform me that I’ve been accepted.

Adriana (Medellin, Colombia)

I would like to thank you for your wonderful work. Thanks to you and your office the university is giving me a $4000 scholarship. Thanks again for making this transition so smooth for me. Your advice on picking the right program for me was helpful. I really appreciate it.

Bardia Amiri (Toronto, Canada)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for further study in Canada?
Studying in Canada provides you with degrees from reputable academic institutions that are world renowned and recognized. Studying in Canada has many advantages. For instance, if you study in a reputable program in Canada for at least one year, on top of upgrading your existing skills and learning about a new country, you’ll be able to apply from inside of Canada for various residency permits under 'Canadian Experience Class' category. Obtaining jobs as a Canadian graduate is far easier on the world stage than it is from other less reputable places.
I am a newly married person. Can I take my partner with me to Canada while I am a student?
Yes. You may bring your spouse with you while studying in Canada. Your accompanying spouse may then work full time with an open work permit during your study period as well.
Why should I choose Canada?
Canada is a western liberal, open society that allows everyone from different walks of life to thrive and grow. With a strong economy, a gentle society and natural beauty it is a world apart from many other countries. It is a family oriented society with strong ethical and legal standards. It is a safe place to live and work. Canada offers free health care to almost every legal resident, and offers a higher than normal standard of life. Canada embraces people of all religious beliefs and communities regardless of their skin color or place of origin.
Can I work while studying in Canada?
Yes, you may work legally in Canada as a student. Get in touch with us to assess your case.
How much does it cost to retain your services?
The actual cost depends on the amount of work needed to ensure your success. Our prices are fair. We only ask that you get in touch with us to receive a quote.
Why should I choose your services?
Global Immigration Board is a recognized consulting firm supporting all areas of legal immigration. Our years of experience is an asset in helping us understand your needs as a potential immigrant. We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients from different countries over many years. We have been in your shoes. We know the effort it takes to become successful immigrants in a new country. We understand what you want. Our vast knowledge and expertise make us an ideal place to receive legal but heartfelt advice on how to proceed with your application.
Is Canada always frozen and cold?
While Canada has a reputation for cold and snow, it is not always the case. Some cities in the northern parts of the country experience harsh winters, but Canada's major cities including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have mild winters, and hot summer days. Canada as a country is the second largest land mass on earth. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, and to the north it reaches the North Pole. Its stunning natural beauty is never boring. It has four seasons and many of its main cities have temperate climate. We like it here.
What is the processing time for my application?
Our office wraps up your application in due time with diligence and precision. However the processing times are dependent on the government of Canada's various agencies that may process your final application. We will brief you on processing times as we prepare your application.
What steps should I take to speed up my application?
Our recommendation is to prepare all your necessary documents in a judicious but quick timeframe. A complete application is always preferred.
What’s the difference between permanent residence and temporary residence visa?
A permanent residence grants the privilege of living and working permanently in Canada. A temporary resident visa is issued to anyone who wishes to be in Canada on a temporary basis that may include tourism, working, studying, medical treatment, business or family visit.
Can I turn my temporary residence visa into a permanent one?
While Canada currently does not offer exchanging one area of immigration for another, you may apply for any new set of immigration category from the beginning. For instance, your student permit can allow you to apply for a new work permit. And your work permit may allow you to apply for permanent residency if you achieve the desired scores and standards as set by the Canadian government.
Do you offer student visa services to the UK and US??
Yes, we can assist you with applying for a UK or US student visa in specific programs and courses.
Do you offer student visa services for elementary school or high school?
Yes. GIB company can help you find an elementary school or a high school in Canada or the United States for your children.
Can I accompany my child to Canada while he studies there?
Yes. Definitely. A parent is automatically considered for a visa along with his/her child’s visa application.
Am I too old to study abroad?
You are never too old to learn a new skill, gain a new certificate or finish a degree. If you have a valid reason to re-enter university or college, then we can assist you from education counselling to application process. Make sure to book a consulting session with one of our advisors to learn more about your future educational goals.

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